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There are many ways to control humidity and moisture on the market.

This is a comparison of Eureka Auto Dry Box's multi-porous molecular sieves technology to traditional dehumidifying methods. Clearly, for those who are concerned about the effect on the environment, the ease of maintenance, and the over all costs, Eureka is the best choice that will address all those concerns.

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Eureka Auto Dry Box Series Vs. Other Methods

Eureka Auto Dry Box
Traditional Methods

Eureka Auto Dry Box

Eureka Auto Dry Box dry cabinet


Traditional desiccator




industrial baking oven

Air Conditioners

traditional desiccator

Dehumidifying Ability Fully adjustable to maintain humidity at 25%-55% RH.

New desiccant agent = over dry.
Used desiccant agent = too moist.

50%-60% RH real world obtainable RH range Condensation occurs when removed items removed from storage  >60% RH real world obtainable RH range
Automatic Operation Yes No No Yes No
Continuous Dehumidification Yes No No Yes No
Silent Operation Yes Yes No No No
Dehumidifies If Power Is Interrupted Yes - No No No
Dehumidifies At Room Temperature  Yes Yes Yes No No
Power Consumption Low - High Medium High
Regular Maintenance Required No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water Tank/Draining Required No Yes Yes Depends Depends
Desiccant Replacement No Yes, constantly Depends No Depends
Humidity Control Yes  No No No No

Fast Super Dryer Series vs. Traditional Methods

Eureka Fast Super Dryer

Eureka Fast Super Dryer

Industrial Dehumidifier / Air Conditioner

Traiditional Air conditioner and dehumidifier

Vacuum / Dry Air, Nitrogen Purge

Nitrogen Purge

Baking Oven

industrial baking oven


traditional desiccator

Eureka's Features Distinguishable features of other technologies.

<5%-20% RH

Fast (30 min.) recovery time.

50%-60% RH, unable to reach below 40% RH

Complex piping / valves / control system

Oxidation/qualitative change from heating

Constant replacement of desiccant packs

Automatic settings / controls Unable to dehumidify at low temperatures High initial setup and operation costs Dewdrops caused by temperature variation Uncontrollable / excessive dehumidifying
Ambient temperature and pressure High power consumption Safety concerns (nitrogen shock) High Power Consumption  --
Low power consumption Costly maintenance and repair fees Pressurized operation  --  --
No consumable or replacement parts.  --  --  --  --
Meets IPC JEDEC J-Std-033  --  --  --  --
Safe and silent operation  --  --  --  --