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EUREKA DRY TECH AW-3D80P 3D Printing Series Filament Dry Cabinet

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Model #:
81 Liters
Humidity Range:
≤10% RH ±5%RH
External Dimensions:
54*47*41 cm (W*H*D)
Internal Dimensions:
50*37.4*29.2 cm (W*H*D)
Shelf Type::
1 x Hanging Rod
Door Type::
Glass Door
Power Consumption::
Avg 12 Watts
Cabinet Color::
Lock Type::
Style 1 Lock- 2 keys included
Hygrometer Type::
Eureka Digital Hygrometer

4 filament feed ports for direct printing.
Feed ports supports up to 6mm OD / 4mm ID PTFE Tubing
Height and depth adjustable hanging rod

Supports up to 33cm filament spool

3D Printing Filament Storage Dry Cabinet

Moisture controlled 3D Printing Filament Storage Cabinet

Moisture absorption in filaments could be a significant cause of failure in 3D printing

Eureka Dry Tech’s ADL-3D77 Filament Dry Box is the perfect humidity controlled solution for filament storage. Our automatic humidity controlled filament dry box will provide a quick and simple way to store filament without hassle. Simply set the desired humidity level, store your filaments and our dehumidifier will take care of the rest. Your filament will stay completely dry, easily accessible, perfectly identifiable (i.e. no need to open every box to find the right kind of filament you are looking for) and filament stays dry and ready to be used anytime you need them for a print.

Eureka Dry Tech ADL-3D77 Filament Storage Drying system

3D Printing Filament Storage Dry Cabinet features:

  • Low humidity environment
  • Four filament feed ports allows direct printing from the cabinet while in dry storage.
  • Adjustable hanging rod hanging up to 33 cm diameter spools.
  • Air tight cabinet prevents moisture and dust.
  • Low energy consumption (13 W Avg., 100 W Max).
  • No consumable parts, desiccants to replace, no water tanks to empty.

Most may not realize, moisture absorption in filaments could be a significant cause of failure in 3D printing.

How to tell if your PLA has moisture in it! by Jay May

Effects of Moisture Absorption by 3D Printing filament material may result in the following problems:

  • Brittleness and breakage of filament,
  • Diameter inconsistency
  • Hissing steam or bubbling when filament reaches the hot-end,
  • Filament degrading or lose tensile strength,
  • Higher extruding temperature

Moisture Sensitivity of Filament Material

Filament polymers are known to absorb moisture and will affect the quality of your print. Whether you use Nylon, PVA, PETT, PLA, PC or ABS or other exotic material filaments, keeping these filaments dry in a humidity controlled "dry filament storage" is one main element to a beautiful & successful print.

The ADL-3D77 features <10%RH storage environment, suitable for maintaining most filaments in optimal moisture content levels to produce a great print.

Water molecule’s boiling point is approximately 100 °C. Depending on the type of filament material, the extrusion temperature ranges from 160 °C to 250 °C. So any presence of moisture in the filaments will contribute to print failure when the moisture becomes steam and bubbles, causing interference with the flow of plastic out of the hot end while creating unwanted pockets within the finished object.

Storing your 3D printing filaments in a humidity controlled dry box will prevent moisture absorption and eliminate flow interference at the hot end. 

Some filament materials (like nylon, and PVA) are more hygroscopic than others, which means it has an inherent quality to attract ambient moisture. If filament spools are exposed to ambient humidity for long periods of time without any storage solution in place, moisture related problems will soon appear during printing. A complicated project could take hours or even days to complete. When a project has been set to run on its own, discovery of problems are often too late. Moisture absorbed in the filament could cause obstructions to the printer’s hot end and may require it to be replaced. Furthermore, moisture absorption can also affect the tensile strength of the filaments and the output objects.

Results of 3d printing filament exposed to moisture

By consistently storing your 3D printing filaments in Eureka Dry Tech's ADL-3D77 <10%RH environment, you will eliminate any moisture absorption in those hygroscopic filaments during the printing and long term storage process.

Test result of Taulman 645 Nylon Filament

When moisture contaminated filament is passed through the hot end, the absorbed moisture in the filament turns into steam and will cause streaks, bubbles, and even brittleness in the print.

Importance of storing filament in moisture controlled storage :

3D Printer Storage Cabinets

Eureka Dry Tech is a fully equipped cabinet manufacturer capable of building custom cabinets to your specification. Cabinet designs elements can include storage of your printer & filament while incorporating dehumidifying, heating & air venting functions.

Contact us today with your specifications and we will provide a custom built storage solution to meet your needs. OEM and group buys are welcome.

For more information regarding Eureka Dry Tech's Filament Dry Cabinet or other products & services we offer, please visit our  page.

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Eureka Dry Tech Dehumidifier Dry Unit's Working Principles

Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet & Electronic Desiccators utilizes multi-porous molecular sieves in its dehumidifier core units and involves two stages. The first stage is the “Adsorption Stage” and the next stage is the “Exhaust & Regeneration Stage."

ureka Dry Tech Dry Cabinet Dehumidifier Core Unit Working Principles

Dehumidifier Core Unit Adsorption Stage:

During the adsorption stage, the dehumidifier core unit's valve doors open on the inside and seals from the outside. This allows moisture inside the dry cabinet to be naturally adsorbed into the multi-porous molecular sieves in the core unit. During this stage, the core unit performs its desiccating function without any power consumption and will continue to desiccate even when power supply is interrupted. Operational light indicators inside the cabinet will remain off during this time.

Dehumidifier Core Unit Exhaust Stage:  

The core unit valve doors automatically seals inside the dry cabinet and open vents outwards to exhaust & expel the moisture absorbed from inside the Dry Box. During this stage, operational indicators will be on.

 multi-porous molecular sieves in Eureka Dry Tech dry units

Moisture adsorbed by the multi-porous molecular sieves is expelled by the drying unit and the core unit is automatically regenerated for moisture adsorption.

There are no water tanks to empty, desiccant bags & packs to replace, or any other maintenance required by the user. Simply plug in the power cord, set the desired RH level and the Eureka Auto Dry Box will begin its dehumidifying operation cycle. The core unit performs the moisture adsorption process without any power required. Thus is safe and clean for the environment.

Eureka does not require emptying of water tank or replacement of desiccant packs

What is an Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, Electronic Desiccator?

EUREKA Dry Tech Auto Dry Box, the global product brand manufactured by Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. provides the best dehumidifying dry cabinet technology in the world. Eureka Auto Box has sold millions of dry cabinet, dry boxes, electronic desiccators with excellent reputations from countless global users in various fields such as:

  • Research & Development Laboratories,
  • High Tech & Electronic Manufacturing Services,
  • Corporate & Enterprise Entities,
  • Museum and Private Collectors,
  • Retail and Service,
  • Educational Institutions and Research Centers,
  • Government, Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, etc. 

​EUREKA Dry Tech is the best moisture & humidity control solution on the market in preservations of all precious items in your living and working environments.

Definition of an Eureka Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, Electronic Desiccator: 

Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinets, and Electronic Desiccators are air-tight automatic dehumidifying storage cabinets which protect objects from moisture & humidity related damages such as mold, mildew, fungus, rust, oxidation, warping, etc. 

Auto Dry Boxes are suitable for photography equipment, music instruments, moisture sensitive materials in high-tech manufacture/R&D, information records & digital media, precision analytical instruments & equipment, dry food and medication, personal collectibles & museum collections, and so on. 

Eureka Dry Tech Dry Cabinet Description

Eureka's Advantage 

  • Fully Automatic– Just plug-in the Auto Dry Box and dehumidification is performed automatically without water tanks to empty, pipes to route or consumables to replace.
  • Power Saving– Minimal power consumption. Continues to dehumidify and monitor RH levels even during power outage or when power supply is interrupted.
  • NTP Operation– Silent operations at ambient temperature and pressure without △T effects or pressure variation.
  • Long Service Life– Dependable operation with long service life and limited core unit failure rate. 

Eureka's Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, Electronic Desiccator Characteristics:

  • Storage capacity sizes ranging from 20 liters to 1300 liters, meeting all storage application requirements.
  • Fan and compressor less, Total silent operation
  • Maintenance free with no replacement parts, no water tanks to empty
  • Minimal electricity consumption
  • Easy to setup

Eureka Dry Tech's Supreme Features

  • Unlike a heated cabinet or dehumidifier, Eureka Dry Tech's Auto Dry Boxes operates in ambient temperature while maintaining low humidity, so items are protected from warping & deformation due to excessive heat effect.
  • Eureka's dehumidifier "core units" utilizes multi-porous molecular sieves, a powerful desiccant that may be used over and over again without  service or replacement parts, thus saves electricity and resources.
  • Eureka Dry Tech's dehumidifier "core units" are constructed with new high-tech Shape Memory Alloy (SMAs) material so there are no mechanical motors so it operates silently and maintenance-free. 
  • Tempered glass are used on all of Eureka's products with glass doors, providing you with safety and strength in storage.

For more product information visit our  section for Eureka's complete Auto Dry Box line up.  today for details on how to become an Eureka Dry Tech agent, dealer, or distributor.

Eureka does not require emptying of water tank or replacement of desiccant packs