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Eureka Dry Tech company profile

Eureka Dry Tech Vision Mission & Values


Our mission is to provide our clients with affordable, professional services while producing convenient and low maintenance moisture control products.


Our value is to influence people all over the world to preserve things from their lives by utilizing low cost, low maintenance and low power consumption methods.


Our vision is to provide the world with services and options in preserving precious resources and possessions both in their work & personal lives.

Our History

  • 1992

    Taiwan Dry Tech Corporation was established in response to high demands for dry boxes in Taiwan due to local high humidity climate

  • 1992-1998

    • Taiwan Dry Tech Corporation devoted efforts and resources in popularizing Auto Dry Box in markets such as: Photography, Collection, Government Archives, and High Tech Manufacturing.
    • Taiwan Dry Tech corporation became one of the largest Auto Dry Box/Fast Super Dryer manufacturing company.
  • 1999-2012

    • Established R&D Center for High Tech Adsorption Technology. (1%-60% RH dry cabinet, dry room, dehumidification, separation & purification, and environmental humidity control equipment)
    • Taiwan Dry Tech Corporation applied its successful experience in Taiwan and began to distribute all over the world under the global brand Eureka Dry Tech.
    • Established it's own airtight cabinet manufacturing facility.
    • Provided global leading products in dry cabinets, dehumidifying equipment, environmental control to millions of users in the world.
  • 2013-Now

    • Developed and introduced most advanced large environment "dry room" dehumidification technology in the world.
    • Developed the world's fastest super dry technique that is able to replace nitrogen cabinet, compressed dry air, vacuum desiccators, and baking ovens. Impacting sophisticated manufacturing process in high-tech (SMT) and other industries.
  • July 6, 2014

    Ground breaking ceremony for new state of the art, innovative R&D/manufacturing facility.

    Eureka Dry Tech Manufacturing Plant Groundbreaking Ceremony