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1. What is relative humidity (R.H.)?

Relative humidity indicates the amount of water vapor in the air, expressed as a percentage. In simple terms, it means how moist the air is. When relative humidity is high, the moisture is adsorbed by objects, it would be harder to vaporize into air.

2. How do I know the relative humidity in my area?

Please visit your local weather website or for information about your local humidity level. Relative humidity (or simply "humidity" as some weather website would refer to) is an important weather indicator; therefore, it will be displayed on your local website.

3. What is an Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box? Why do I need an Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box?

An Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box is an air-tight dehumidifying storage cabinet with a fully automatic electronically controlled desiccating core unit. It is utilized to protect objects from problems caused by moisture/humidity damage, and dust mites. Eureka Dry Tech's Auto Dry Boxes can isolate the air inside the cabinet from outside moisture and dust. Furthermore, it can reduce the relative humidity to meet the user's desired storage range. Depending on the product series, the user can select ranges from 1% RH to 60% RH, while keeping the stored items safe and protected from the elements. High relative humidity environments not only makes people feel uncomfortable, but also causes their belongings to mold, rust, or operate with less precision. At Eureka Dry Tech, we produce the best Auto Dry Boxes to meet your needs. Contact us today for more details on products, how to become a local distributor, or how to order.

4. How does the Auto Dry Box work?


5. How to select the right Auto Dry Box to fit my requirement? What should I do if I cannot find a suitable model?

Specific dimensions and product details about Eureka Dry Tech's Auto Dry Box / Fast Super Dryer are available by clicking on those links. Detailed questions are also welcome by phone or e-mail. Eureka also provide customization service to meet your special needs.

6. Why purchase an Auto Dry Boxes if I already own air conditioners and/or dehumidifier?

Some precious items must be stored in low humidity to avoid aging, molding, oxidation, rusting, corrosion etc. Eureka's Auto Dry Boxes will provide 25% RH to 55% RH storage environments (Fast Super Dryers will provide <20%RH, <10%RH, or <5%RH storage environments, depending on the model), to solve problems above. Conventional air conditioners and dehumidifiers can only reach 50% RH ~ 60% RH. Furthermore, Eureka product's power consumption is much lower than air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Finally, our Auto Dry Boxes have no water tanks to empty nor consumable parts to replace. Thus, eliminates the need for constant maintenance.

7. Are there desiccant to be replaced in the Auto Dry Box?

The desiccant utilized in Eureka Auto Dry Boxes can be reused for over a century, so there are no desiccant bags to replace or any maintenance required.

8. Are there any regular maintenance, parts replacement, or water tanks need to be emptied?

No, Eureka Auto Dry Boxes just needs to be plugged in to a power supply, no additional maintenance are required.

9. Does Eureka's Auto Dry Box need to be powered all the time? Does the Auto Dry Box consume a lot of power?

In order to maintain dehumidification functions, it is necessary to have power supplied at all times. However, the power consumption for Auto Dry Box is quite low. Depending on models, it only takes from 4w to 48w per hour.

10. Why utilize Dual Hygrometer Sensors in Eureka Dry Tech's Auto Dry Box? What are the advantages?

Dual hygrometer sensor design allow independent moisture level monitoring on the desiccating core unit(s) from the hygrometer sensor on the door. Operating independently allows the hygrometer (thermo-hygrometer) to monitor the true RH levels inside the cabinet. Separate sensors is convenient for users to monitor the RH levels, it's also easy for users or distributors to diagnose any problems if any operational issues ever occur.

11. Are there any chemical reaction involved in the dehumidification process?

Eureka Auto Dry Box's dehumidification process does not involve any chemical reaction. Multi-porous molecular sieve desiccants absorb and release water molecules while maintaining environmental friendliness.

12. Are there any initial installation procedures for usage or resetting procedures after a long period shut down (power outage)

Eureka Dry Tech's Auto Dry Box are easy to install and detailed installation guide are in our instruction manual. In the event of a power outage, the dry cabinet will maintain its dehumidifying properties if it has not been opened to allow moisture in.

13. Why doesn't the light indicator on the front of the core unit always stay on?

The light indicator will turn on and off during desiccating cycles. Adsorption & exhaustion stages will cycle automatically to maintain the desired humidity level inside the cabinet. During the exhaustion stage, the front indicator will automatically turn on. And during the absorption stage, the front indicator will remain off.

14. Why doesn't the indicator on the back of the core unit always stay on?

The indicator's operating principal is the same as above. When the relative humidity reaches the preset range, the power will turn off automatically.

15. How does the Auto Dry Box maintain dehumidification even if accidentally powered off?

The dehumidifying "core unit" contains powerful molecular sieve desiccants. Molecular sieve desiccants traps moisture via van-der-Waals force and capillary attraction. Thus, during any power outage, the dry cabinets continues its dehumidification abilities.

16. Are there any recommended places for Auto Dry Box location or placement?

For best performance, do not setup Eureka Auto Dry Box at places where it would be exposed to direct sunlight or close to heat sources. Provide sufficient space between the rear of the box and the wall to allow proper venting. Avoid dusty items to prevent the valve doors from being blocked by tiny objects. Also, when storing items, please do not place items too closely to the core unit. Otherwise, the core unit will not function properly and the humidity level will not be reduced.

17. Are there any warnings for storage? Are there any things not recommended for storage in an Auto Dry Box?

Do not allow the stored items to block the vents above and below the core unit. Blocking the vents will prevent air inside the Auto Dry Box from circulating and the humidity level will not be reduced. Food and chemicals should be tightly wrapped so that food odors and chemical vapors will not seep out to damage other stored items and/or the dry unit.

18. What is no-center bar design? What are the advantages?

No-center support bar obstruction is one of Taiwan Dry Tech's patents. When both doors are open, there are no obstructions causing inconvenience while storing or removing bulky items. Both doors can be opened individually. It is highly flexible for storing large/bulky size items & enormous amounts of components.

19. The control panel is continuous, how do I know the corresponding relative humidity?

When calibrating the cabinet, the approximate relative humidity levels are:

  • 45%RH~55%RH when the controller is set to L,
  • 35%RH~45%RH when set to M  
  • 25%RH~35%RH when set to H

The optimal setting would vary depending on the type of items stored. 

20. Will the magnet-seal door(s) affect floppy discs, tapes, hard discs or any other electronic devices?

No, while the magnet-seal door will maintain a proper seal of the dry cabinet, the magnetic field is very weak. It will not affect stored items inside the Auto Dry Box.

24. What should I do if the hygrometer indicates very low relative humidity for a long time?

Please open the door(s) of the Auto Dry Box to allow ambient humidity to enter the cabinet and the RH levels to go up. Then, set the control dial to a lower setting (e.g. turn the controller to M or L).

25. What can be stored in Eureka Dry Tech Fast Super Dryers?

Any MSD (Moisture Sensitive Devices), components or devices that requires storage in  ultra-low humidity environments, such as:

  • Wafers
  • IC packages:

Dual-in-line: flatpack, SOIC, SOJ, TSOP, SSOP, TSSOP, QSOP, VSOP, DFN



  • multi-layer PCB and PWB before and after mounting, including dual side boards awaiting second side reflow. Maintain accurate board dimensions reducing board stretch and warp due to high moisture content.
  • PCB pattern film/prepreg, quartz, fiber optics, CCDs, etc.
  • Silicon Wafers
  • Liquid Crystal Glass Board
  • Lead Frames & Carriers
  • Fiber Optics, CCD etc.
  • Chemicals
26. What is the 'Real Dehumidified Limited' for FAST SUPER DRYER series?

Real Dehumidified Limit is the actual RH control range. For example, <5% RH indicates that the RH is less than 5% RH ALL THE TIME meeting requirements of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033​ standards. Rather than an average RH of 5%, which may be higher than 5% RH SOMETIMES, thus will not meet the standard of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033. (Please refer to Fast Super Dryer XDC-2000 Performance Charts ) 

27. What is Recovery Time?

According to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033, "Recovery time" indicates that the cabinet must be capable of recovering to the stated humidity rating within one hour routine excursions such as door opening / closing. (The recovery time for FAST SUPER DRYERS are within 30 minutes, faster than the industry standard.)

28. Are there any N2 / dry air purge needed for FAST SUPER DRYERS?

No, Eureka Dry Tech's dehumidifying technology eliminates the cost of purge gas consumption and the need of pressure & flow control. Furthermore, it avoids ultra-low humidity environment instability caused by purity and mass flow of purged gas. Eureka's Fast Super Dryers remains flexible in your setup without any pipeline restrictions. However, if purging systems are required in any of your manufacturing process, the systems could be fitted as additional options.

29. Are there any ESD protection on FAST SUPER DRYERS?

Yes, each FAST SUPER DRYER has anti-static paint, glass, shelves, stands/casters and a ground wire with 1MΩ for your storage protection.

30. Why use TESTO hygrometers on FAST SUPER DRYERS?

The thermo-hygrometer acts as a independent monitor of the Relative Humidity levels inside the cabinet, Therefore, we use TESTO, which is a famous German-brand and is DKD-traceable.

31. How to Diagnose and Verify Proper Functions of Eureka Auto Dry Box

Sometime customer relocate their Eureka Auto Dry Box to a different location and isn't quite sure whether the product is functioning properly. If in any doubt, please follow the 8 easy steps below to determine proper functions of your Eureka Auto Dry Box.

how to diagnose and verify proper functions of Eureka Auto Dry Box