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 Eureka Auto Dry Box

  TE Cooling Chip Dry Box

Comparison of Eureka Dry Tech's multi-porous molecular sieve technology

Comparison of competitor's TE cooling chip technology from Eureka's Products

Key Dehumidification Technology Distinguished

  • Multi-porous molecular sieves traps moisture by means of van der Waals forces using multiple capillary channels.
  • Shape memory alloy control valves is utilized to expel moisture from cabinet and prevents moisture from coming back in if power is interrupted.
  • When power is supplied, one external side of the TE Cooling Chip unit becomes warm, while the inside becomes cool.
  • Moisture condenses on the inside where your valuables are stored.
  • The condensed moisture then drips down towards the warm side of the core where it is vaporized.

Dehumidification Quality

  • Dehumidification functions is not affected by the ambient temperature, especially under low temperature.
  • Stable dehumidification adjustable between 25%~55% RH to prevent mold, rust, oxidation and material quality/shape change, etc.
  • Super fast dehumidification capability under <20% RH, <10% RH, <5% RH, with <30 min. recovery time.
  • Condensation rate is lower during lower temperatures, thus, the rate of desiccation is reduced causing unstable dehumidification process.
  • Dehumidification levels below 20% RH is unattainable by this technology.

Protection During Power Outage

  • Outer valves automatically shuts and remains closed, preventing moisture from entering the box.
  • Inner valves remain open to allow continuous adsorption of moisture by the multi-porous molecular sieves
  • Dehumidification process stops and frost collected on the inside melts allowing moisture to circulate back into the cabinet.
  • Depending on the desiccating cycle, the valves may remain open to allow outside moisture to enter.

Analog Hygrometer vs LCD Meter

We strictly utilize analog hygrometers with our products for long term storage stored within 25%-55% RH because of the following advantages:

  • German or Japanese analog hygrometer included with Eureka's Auto Dry boxes are calibrated and tested before delivery.
  • Calibrated tolerance is within +/- 5% RH.
  • Monitors relative humidity levels independently from the desiccator core unit.
  • Analog hygrometers requires no battery to function and is unlikely to malfunction.
  • Hygrometer continues to monitor RH levels even when power is interrupted for any reason.

Eureka's Fast Super Dryers operates with extreme precision in RH control. Thus, Eureka utilizes German made "Testo" premium digial hygrometers to precisely monitor the relative humidity.

Utilizes its own in house manufactured/calibrated digital hygrometer and controllers with poor quality control and known issues regarding:

  • Digital LCD meters provides false readings due to poor quality.
  • Electronic circuitry could be counterfeited and thus cannot display accurate relative humidity levels.
  • Only one sensor available for setting and display RH levels without any backup monitoring system.
  • Service life is depended on battery, user must maintain proper reading.


Fully automatic and silent operation cycles.

Noisy fan and transformer could break down easily.

Repair Services

In rare instance the core unit or hygrometer is out of order, it is simple to remove from the cabinet for replacement services.
Core units and hygrometers are user upgradeable based on needs in the future, conforming to Eureka's concept of long-term use and environmental friendliness.

When the TE cooling chip or LCD meter breaks down, the entire dry box must be returned to the manufacture for repair, affecting property protection from humidity as well as accumulating costs.