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Eureka Dry Tech Fast Super Dryer in EMS prodcution facility


Mr. Wang is a factory manager and he says “In Asia, the biggest yield problem is controlling the humidity during the manufacturing process."  Due to precision technologies on the nano-scale, moisture can penetrate and cause wasteful damages to high-tech products affecting yield and product quality / reliability. During the re-flow step of lead-free solder assembly processes, temperatures reaches over 200°C, and thus, if trace moisture remains on key components such as IC components / devices, PCB, other moisture sensitive devices (MSD) etc., defects such as pop corning, micro-cracking, and de-lamination may occur. As a result, yield rate decreases and manufacturing cost increases.

Eureka Dry Cabinets solves popcorning, blistering for IC packages, MSDs, BGAs

Eureka Dry Cabinets solves popcorning, blistering for IC packages, MSDs, BGAs

Eureka Dry Cabinets solves popcorning, blistering for IC packages, MSDs, BGAs

These are examples of the type of moisture related damage to a PCB assembly that can occur if incorrect storage or handling is not followed.
Image sourced from : Bob Willis / PCB Delamination with Bob Willis

According to IPC/JEDEC standards J-STD-033, MSD (moisture sensitive devices) even Level 5a, stored at <5%RH can have unlimited floor life.

IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 Table 4-3

Eureka's Fast Super Dryer meets IPC/JEDEC standards J-STD-033B (J-STD-033C Revision Feb., 2012) and provides dehumidification levels of <5%RH, <10%RH, <20%RH and 10~50%RH with fast recovery time at NTP (normal temperature/pressure) conditions. This is done without using nitrogen (N2) / dry air purging, baking oven, or vacuum drying, which can solve complicated moisture problems and increase yield rate in R&D and high-tech EMS industries.

Eureka Fast Super Dryer also dehumidifies during storage, solving Issues with traditional industry drying methods

Eureka’s dry cabinets, dry boxes, and desiccators will provide ultra-low humidity storage environment conforming to IPC/JEDEC J-STD 033 & IPC-1601, storage and handling standards for MSDs and PCBs.
Eureka Fast Super Dryer also dehumidifies during storage, providing alternative drying methods optimal for removing moisture in all moisture sensitive materials in SMT production, solving all moisture damage problems during reflow process.

  • Baking process uses high temperature to dry PCBs which causes breakdowns of protective coatings, lead oxidation, intermetallic buildup and warping that reduces solder ability of circuit boards. 
  • Nitrogen and dry air purge is costly and will only provide a storage environment by forcing moisture from the storage cabinet. Nitrogen (N2) purging does not have drying capabilities to remove moisture that has absorbed into the moisture sensitive materials, components or devices.
  • Moisture barrier bags (MBBs), requires a vacuum sealer, desiccant packs, humidity indicator cards (HICs) and extra man hours. MBBs are ineffective when improperly sealed.

Features of Eureka Fast Super Dryer’s Ultra-low Humidity Storage:

  • Eureka Fast Super Dryers are available in options of <5% RH, <10% RH, <20% RH with fast recovery times.
  • Functions in ambient temperature and pressure (NTP) conditions without using costly nitrogen (N2) or dry air purging. 
  • Moisture is removed and expelled from the cabinets by the use of desiccant dehumidifiers which automatically regenerates. No fans are required to ventilate.
  • Dual hygrometer sensor designs with independent hygrometer monitoring relative humidity levels inside the cabinet.
  • Eureka’s Fast Super Dryer will provide moisture sensitive devices infinite floor-life and resetting shelf life meeting IPC/JEDEC J-STD 033 standards.  
  • Eureka’s dry cabinets will provide storage environment meeting IPC 1601 standards optimal for multi-layer Printed Circuit Board / Printed Wire Boards. 
  • All of Eureka’s Fast Super Dryer dry cabinets are equipped with anti-static paint, glass, casters and 1M ohm grounding cable meeting IEC-61340-5-1 (ESD) Standard.

Application of Eureka’s Fast Super Dryers

  • When components are removed from moisture barrier bags, Eureka’s ultra-low humidity storage cabinet will stop floor life clock for all IC packages such as:

Dual-in-line: flatpack, SOIC, SOJ, TSOP, SSOP, TSSOP, QSOP, VSOP, DFN



  • Drying and storage of multi-layer PCB and PWB before and after mounting, including dual side boards awaiting second side reflow. Maintain accurate board dimensions reducing board stretch and warp due to high moisture content.
  • Moisture controlled storage with drying/desiccating capabilities for PCB pattern film/prepreg, quartz, fiber optics, CCDs, etc.
  • Silicon Wafers- Reduces contamination from particles suspended in moisture droplets. Anti-oxidation
  • Liquid Crystal Glass Board- Dehydration under ambient temperature after polishing
  • Lead Frames & Carriers- Controlled humidity increases the reliability of solder and wire bond points
  • Fiber Optics, CCD etc- Retards organic growth and maintains the condition of key fiber optics devices and components 

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