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The Rescued Film Project specializes in rescuing and developing old films that are often discovered and sent to them for processing.

This video is a story about how Levi Bettwieser of the Rescued Film Projects process 31 rolls of undeveloped World War II films that are 70 years old and the process he undertakes to rescue & develop them.

As Mr. Bettwieser notes in the video, often times, the undeveloped films are damaged by moisture from humidity or other sources of water due to poor preservation over the years.

Eureka Dry Tech's Auto Dry Box products and service will provide controlled humidity storage to prevent excessive moisture from causing damages undeveloped films and allows long term preservation of memorable/historical films and photo such as these.

See the video below on his contribution to history and the never seen before photos from these undeveloped films.

See the full collection of developed films at

Undeveloped World War II Film Discovered from The Rescued Film Project