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How to safely store clothes during off season and prevent mold development?

Do you live in a high humidity region? If so, do you know what's the safest way store your unused off-season clothing and prevent fungus/mold development during those off seasons when clothes are not worn?

Moldy Leather Coat

Mold and fungus on sport coat

Mold/fungus on jeans

No matter whether the climate has turned hot or cold, there will always be off season clothing stored away in the closet. But proper storage will be key the key to prevent excessive moisture from developing while sitting in the closet.

First, prior to storing the off season clothes, the clothing should be properly washed. Stains will set over time and body oils can create hard to eliminate odor if stored without cleaning.

Next make sure the clothing are properly dried to prevent any fungus pores from having any opportunity from developing when tucked away in the closet.

Fungus spores thrive in dark and humid areas and the development of the spores explodes when the humidity exceeds 65%RH. So it is crucial to keep the garment dry while in storage.

Finally make sure the seasonal clothes are stored in a proper container. Insects and pests can easily get into plastic bags and cardboard boxes, these solutions also mildew easily when exposed to high humidity.

For best results use a zip seal type bag that could maintain vacuum pressure or use Eureka Dry Tech's air tight wardrobe series auto dry box.

Clothing stored in Eureka Dry Tech's Wardrobe dry cabinet

Sports Coats and other clothing in Eureka Dry Tech Wardrobe Dry Cabinet

Shirts and other clothing stored in Eureka Dry Tech Wardrobe dry cabinet

Leather Coats in a Boutique shop are stored in Eureka Dry Tech's Wardrobe series dry cabinet

Some people have sensitive respiratory tracts, which  can be uncomfortable, allergic, sneezing, and even difficult to breathe if they encounter musty smells. Although dehumidifier can be utilized to solve this, power consumption becomes another problem, and it is cumbersome to continuously emptying water tanks!

Eureka Dry Tech's moisture controlled instrument storage cabinets

calcium chloride dehumidifier

Eureka’s Furniture Series Auto Dry Boxes are safe, effective solutions featuring:
1. Healthful- Prevents allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew and fungus development
2. Power Saving- Eureka’s core units consumes minimal energy during the vaporizing cycle, eliminates costly energy bills of dehumidifiers and air conditioning.
3. Silent Operation- There are no compressor or fans in Eureka’s cabinets, providing moisture damage protection without concerns of background noise.
4. No Draining- Eureka’s desiccating technology requires no constant maintenance and no water tanks to drain.
5. Effective- Eureka’s cabinet operates in any temperature and are equipped with controllers to set your desired RH between 35%-55%.
6. Environmental Friendly- Eureka’s technology and core units functions without any chemical reactions. Free of toxic waste and are safe for the environment.
7. Proven Technology- Eureka’s product effectiveness is backed by millions of users worldwide.

For product information please click on the images below. Or  today for pricing details.

HD-401M Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box HD-501M Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box HD-1201M Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box  HD-1501M Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box HD-501W Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box HD-1501W Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box