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How to Protect Sneaker Shoes Collection in Tropical Climate Conditions

How to protect your sneakers from humidity damage

This avid shoe collector lives in high humidity conditions of Taiwan and had contacted us thru our Facebook page regarding his special needs for humidity controlled storage. His solution to the high tropical humidity environment was to wrap his shoe collection in plastic and zip style bags. Unfortunately, this type of storage technique had led to unintentional damage to a pair of cherished Nike Air Max 1 Atmos as pictured above.

When the customer send us photos of his shoe collection, and the damaged Nike Air Max, we were quite intrigued by his story and asked for permission to see it in person.

Eureka Dry Tech Sneaker Shoe Collector's storage.

Sneaker Shoe Collection in Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box

Following our visit, this customer ended up purchasing a Eureka Dry Tech HD-501M Auto Dry Box This product features 425 Liters capacity with Controlled Humidity Range of 35%-55% RH.

The External Dimensions measures at 106*97*46.5 cm (W*H*D) and Internal Dimensions measures at 96*85*42 cm (W*H*D). This product also includes 4 metallic shelves for a total of 5 storage levels.

However, even with such large capacity, our client still did not have enough storage space for his collection.

This sneaker collector's shoe collection continues to grow with no plans of slowing down.

To prevent from further humidity damage in tropical climate's of Taiwan, where local humidity level is consistently in the 80's or higher year round, he will eventually be ordering another Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box from us.


Our customer's other Sneaker Shoe Collection waiting to be stored in Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box

Other personal collectible items protected from humidity in Eureka Auto Dry Box

Since high humidity level and temperature is the prefect breeding condition for mold and fungus, this collector has other items besides his shoe collection, such as purses, bags and other valuable collectibles are protected from humidity damage 24/7 in 2 separate Eureka Dry Tech's Auto Dry Box. 

The low maintenance of our Auto Dry Box product, with it's set it and forget it automatic dehumidifying feature, makes it really convenient for our users.

Unlike conventional dehumidifiers, there are no water tanks to worry about and minimal energy is consumed.

Our Auto Dry Box line of products comes in various sizes and is the perfect defense in preventing from humidity damage in many different fields and climate conditions.

Please click the photos below for specs about the products featured in this article.



Please view our other Blogs for more info about Eureka Dry Tech's product application  Or Contact Us if you have any questions about your storage needs.