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Hello Kitty KT-23P Speical Edition Dry Cabinet

Special Edition Hello Kitty KY-23P Dry Cabinet

Special Edition Hello Kitty KY-23P Dry Cabinet

Special Edition Hello Kitty KY-23P Dry Cabinet

To meet the demands of a younger market, and break out from the typical Auto Dry Box designs, Eureka Dry Tech's parent company, Taiwan Dry Tech Corp., created a special Hello Kitty edition Auto Dry Box.

This project was quite the undertaking and was with approval and licensing agreement from Sanrio Co., Ltd. (Due to licensing agreement, this product is limited for sale only in the Taiwan market).

To accomplish project, special consideration was incorporated in every part of the Hello Kitty Auto Dry Box to maintain Sanrio's originality of the Hello Kitty franchise. From the dry cabinet's interior/exterior paint color, to all of the stencil logos, even the analog hygrometer, had to undergo the scrutiny and approval of Sanrio Co., Ltd.


Model KT-23P
Exterior Dimension(cm)

27W / 38H / 29D

Interior Dimension(cm)

25.4W / 33.2H / 25.5D

Capacity (L) 23
Humidity Range (%RH) 20~55
Power Consumption (W) 3

Special Hello Kitty Designed - TDT Calibrated 

Shelves/Sliding Trays

Suede cover sliding tray x1 / Fixed position shelf x1

Special Accessory

Limited Edition Hello Kitty Box Packaging

Hello Kitty KT-23P Dry Cabinet

For this special edition Hello Kitty Dry Cabinet, even the box packaging was specially designed with Hello Kitty's graphics.

Eureka Dry Tech has partnership with many companies in the past to create custom one off products and custom designs. Our partnership with Sanrio Co. Ltd. was one of the rare instances where our companies cabinet design team is put on public display in meeting custom design requirements.

Whether you have a special need for consumer or industrial use, we welcome all requests for OEM and custom design needs.  today for further details about our OEM products and services.