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Humidity Controlled Storage for Edible Items in a Bar Lounge

Eureka Dry Cabinet keeps food fresh in a bar.Eureka Dry Cabinet used to store moisture sensitive food items in a bar.

Moisture sensitive items are everywhere in everyone's daily lives, including this small bar lounge in a locale where relative humidity levels are quite high. The most basic ingredients, such as cocoa powder, flours, hand made candies, meat jerkies of all kinds, cookies, and pastries are all sensitive to ambient humidity.

Eureka Dry Cabinet used to store food items in a bar.

To protect the consumable items where the package has been opened, the owner of this shop has chosen Eureka Dry Tech's DX-106 to protect those items. The owner of this shop states, once the packages has been opened, storing these edibles in a dry cabinet will better preserve it's original texture and flavor than refrigeration could. For shop owners of all kinds, Eureka Dry Tech recommends the following models for storing moisture sensitive items in your shop.

Eureka DX-76 Auto Dry Box Dry Cabinet Eureka DX-106 Auto Dry Box Dry Cabinet Eureka DX-126 Auto Dry Box Dry CabinetEureka DX-206 Auto Dry Box Dry Cabinet

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