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Clothing, shoes, and leather articles are targets of mold and mildew growth in high moisture content environments. Without proper prevention, these fungus development can cause foul odor, severe damage to your clothes and even serious health problems.

mold growth on leather coat mold growth on shirt mold growth on leather shoes

Common solutions:

calcium chloride dehumidifierCALCIUM CHLORIDE- The most common methods to counter these problems are the use of calcium chloride salt (CaCl2).  Because it is a salt, it could also become an irritant when it contacts the skin. Further, if the chemical fluid from the absorbed moisture is accidentally spilled on your clothes, it could cause costly cleaning fees or even irreversible damage. 

dehumidifier and water tank
DEHUMIDIFIER- Whether you have a standalone dehumidifier or a whole house system, the biggest concern is the cost associated with its constant operation. With a standalone system, there is a need to constantly empty the water tank in order for it to function properly. Additionally, standalone dehumidifiers will not function in colder climates below 65 degrees F or (18 degrees C).

air conditioner dehumidifierAIR CONDITIONING- Besides the high cost of electricity in utilizing an air conditioning system, it may not always be effective in colder climates where moisture is still an issue. If the ambient temperature is too cold, the moisture remains to develop mildew, fungus, and mold in your clothing.

The Eureka Auto Dry Box Solution:

calcium chloride dehumidifier

Eureka’s Furniture Series Auto Dry Boxes are safe, effective solutions featuring:
1. Healthful- Prevents allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew and fungus development
2. Power Saving- Eureka’s core units consumes minimal energy during the vaporizing cycle, eliminates costly energy bills of dehumidifiers and air conditioning.
3. Silent Operation- There are no compressor or fans in Eureka’s cabinets, providing moisture damage protection without concerns of background noise.
4. No Draining- Eureka’s desiccating technology requires no constant maintenance and no water tanks to drain.
5. Effective- Eureka’s cabinet operates in any temperature and are equipped with controllers to set your desired RH between 35%-55%.
6. Environmental Friendly- Eureka’s technology and core units functions without any chemical reactions. Free of toxic waste and are safe for the environment.
7. Proven Technology- Eureka’s product effectiveness is backed by millions of users worldwide.

For product information please click on the images below. Or  today for pricing details.

HD-401M Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box HD-501M Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box HD-1201M Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box  HD-1501M Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box HD-501W Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box HD-1501W Eureka Furniture Series Auto Dry Box