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Humidity Controlled Dry Box Storage for Museum Artifacts & Art Collections

Humidity Controlled Dry Box Storage for Museum artifacts and art collections

Common moisture related problems faced in museum preservation

Materials of various types absorbs and releases moisture as the humidity of the surrounding environment changes. This change of moisture can accelerate the speed of deterioration. 

Eureka Dry Tech has provided numerous local museums and traveling expos display the subject in Taiwan's high humidity envrionment. Thru our experience and capability in providing humidity & moisture control solutions, we have provided specialized display "dry box" storage systems for conditions required by various types of materials comprised of a museum collection.

Indoor environmental control of museums and archives must be maintained at specific temperature and humidity. Any large temperature and/or humidity differences will cause moisture accumulation & condensation, causing moisture damage and oxidation.

Strict control of the humidity and moisture exposure is the best possible solution to avoid expensive, complex restoration project of artifacts. When relative humidity is controlled, microbial and/or bacterial growth will be inhibited and metallic objects will not oxidize. Therefore, moisture controlled dry boxes are a must for preserving priceless historical relics.

  • High humidity environments encourages pests and mold growth on paper, textiles and parchment, and promotes rust on metal. Humidity that is too low can cause objects to become brittle.
  • Organic objects in particular absorb and release moisture depending on the relative humidity of the ambient environment therefore requires stable humidity control.
  • Oxygen in the air will cause artifacts containing metal in high humidity environment formation of oxidation, inducing loss of surface gloss, rust, corrosion.

Store historic memorabilia in an area that has a steady, constant humidity (45%–55%), and store or display historic materials away from heating and air conditioning vents. 

Eureka Dry Tech custom humidity controlled museum artifact storage cabinet

Eureka Dry Tech Custom Humidity Controlled Museum Display Cabinet

Custom Humidity Controlled Storage cabinet by Eureka Dry Tech

Humidity Controlled Storage of Priceless Art Collection

Priceless historical & cultural relics are displayed in museums all over the world. When not on display, these priceless items are archived for future generations, therefore, requires strict indoor environment and absolute perfect storage conditions.