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HOME AND LIVING Humidity Controlled Storage

Humidity Controlled storage for Home & Living Environment

Mold is a fungus that thrives in environments of 60% RH or higher.

What are your options to prevent mold and fungus in your living environment?

Household items:

Things such as cameras, consumer electronics, food, medication, and many other valuables, shall be maintained in a protective environment against humidity. However, refrigeration will actually cause humidification of a range of items such as dry goods and medicine. The good news is that, refrigeration is not your only option against moisture damage.

Eureka Dry Tech's Auto Dry Cabinets and Dry Boxes can keep all of your household items safe. Thus, eliminating chances of mold and mildew infestation and enhances your overall living quality and health.

Humidity controlled storage for household items

Humidity controlled storage for household items

Humidity controlled storage for household items

Clothing / shoes / leather / bags /accessories:

Your clothing, shoes, leather, bags, and other accessories may have cost a fortune to accumulate over time and some of those items may no longer be available for purchase. Some clothing may be priceless because of the sentimental values attached. (Such as a wedding dress or other articles that accompanied you through some important life events.)

No matter what the value is, no one is willing to let these precious and beloved clothing go to mold, spotting, pests and dust mites infestation causing irreparable damages and destructions. The typical methods in moisture damage prevention are storage in an average consumer armoire closet /  shoe cabinet, dehumidifier / air conditioner, and moisture absorbtion. Here is a comparison chart between Eureka's solution versus these typical methods.

Humidity controlled storage for clothing/wardrobe

Humidity controlled storage for clothing/wardrobe

Humidity controlled storage for clothing/wardrobe


Eureka's Dry Cabinets

Average Consumer Armoire Closet/Shoe Cabinets

Dehumidifier/Air Conditioner

Moisture Absorption Agent


Fully automated year round storage, functions without complicated operation or maintenance. So easy even children and senior citizens can operate it. Armoire/wood cabinets easily soaks up moisture. Thus, not only is it susceptible to mold, it is also a breeding ground for dust mites. Requires 24-hour operation to be effective. Windows and doors cannot be opened, causing inconvenience to daily life! Humidity control is unstable, easily becoming too dry or wet. Cannot achieve mildew/ mite resistance. Complete loss of dehumidification function if not maintained.


Large capacity armoire cabinet, consume less than $20NT ($0.66 USD) / mo. in electricity, physical adsorption continues even during power outage, economical and safely protected!


Once beloved clothing and shoes becomes moldy, not only is it difficult to clean, wash, remove the mildew, it is also difficult to calculate the loss. Mold cultivates easily in shoe cases. Once it develops, it is as difficult to cure as athlete's foot, effecting cost significantly. Non-sealed space that requires high-wattage compressor which will result in hundreds of dollars a month on electricity! Security and safety concerns when left unattended. Requires periodic replacement, large capacity requires about $60NT ($2USD)/mo. of electricity required. Irregular time for replacing chemical absorbant, which is both time-consuming and laborious!

Environmental impact

Airtight steel, anti-rust paint structure, no consumables replacement, no water to pour, energy saving and environmental protection. Extending the life of your beloved clothing and footwear. Plastics and wooden clothing / shoe closets has limited service life in moist climates. Deteriorates quickly, with poor air seal quality, is unable to effectively protect your beloved clothing and footwear. Requires long term operation in order to control humidity, drainage is difficult, power consumption, is not effective in reducing carbon emissions! Chemical absorbent material cannot be recycled, causing serious environmental pollution, especially when water is mixed with chemical causing more burden on the environment!