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Eureka Dry Tech offers low humidity (25%~55% RH) Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, and Electric Desiccator for moisture controlled storage of everyday life items.

We also offer Ultra-Low Humidity (1%~20% RH) Fast Super Dryer industrial grade dry cabinets for the surface mount technology / EMS industry and Research Laboratory use.

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Eureka Dry Tech's Fast Super Dryer meets the storage and handling standards of IPC/JEDEC J-Std-033 and IPC-1601 as required in high-tech manufacturing industry for trace moisture removal. Providing optimal storage environment for moisture sensitive items such as wafers & dies, IC packages, PCB, and SMT (surface mount technology). Eureka Dry Tech's moisture adsorption technology can also be utilized as separation, purification, and environmental control.

Eureka Dry Tech Fast Super Dryer in SMT