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Eureka Auto Dry Box


About Taiwan Dry Tech Corp.

    Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. was established to apply the dehumidification technology to improve people's lives by providing them with an easy solution for collecting and preserving their precious possessions without fungus & molding. Millions of our customers for Eureka Auto DryBoxes /Fast Super Dryers approve of its fully automation and friendly design eliminating complicated installation and after-service.
    Eureka not only makes people's lives better, but also saves cost & time, reduces power consumption for maintenance of valuable etc.Two series of our products, Auto DryBox and Fast Super Dryer, are also called desiccator, electronic desiccator, auto dry, super dry, dry box, humidity control box, dehumidifying cabinet, electronic dry cabinet, low humidity storage box, low-humidity keeper etc. to serve you all aspects anytime.

It's undoubted that Eureka is your first choice in the world.

Company Profile



► Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. was established to respond to the high demand for dry boxes in Taiwan's very humid climate.



► Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. put quite lots of effort into popularize high quality and affordable price's auto dry box for professional photographer, collectors, government and high-tech industry. We become one of the biggiest Auto Dry Box/ Fast Super Dryer manufacturing company.



► Established the R&D Center, Promotion Center for Drying Technology,and Dehumidifying Technological Applications Centers in Taiwan. We started to use our successful experience in Taiwan to distribute all over the world.

► Established airtight seal manufacturing factory in Shenzhen. From the drying unit/ cabinet/assembling and installing/Quality Test/ Service to ship goods. We owned strong supply chain from the upstream to the downstream. We can provide the competitive price with the first-class quality, and lower cost.

► World leading programing on Drying Cabinet, Dry furniture, Dehumidifier.


2013~ till now

► Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. make all-out effort to expand the export markets.

► Glocalisation--(In order to match the local needs, we have established-local factory program.)

► World leading technology on humidity control cabinet, humidity control furniture, and Temperature and Humidity Observation and Control System and so on.




Provide affordable, professional service, so ordinary people will feel great about using our products. Produce convenient products that our customers can use efficiently and correctly.



Influence society and culture to save and preserve things from their lives.



Help people preserve precious things from both their work & personal lives.